Adventureland Online Store

Adventureland Store is a comic book retailer located in southern New Jersey. Originally known as “Hall of Heroes” it has been a staple for toys and comic book sales for over two decades. Their previous online presence was a simple brochure website. Wanting to expand their client base in a declining economy required growing their online clientele. It was agreed that a Zen Cart content management system and shopping cart would give them the tools necessary to get off the ground quickly. 

The front end was initially part of a template, however, many changes were made to achieve the desired behavior on the site. I like to utilize software that is available and highly tested. I prefer to not “reinvent the wheel” and create things that already exist. I much prefer being good at utilizing the tools available to me and making changes wherever necessary. This allows me to provide the best bang for the buck. I am not against a custom solution, but not without having the proper reason. This follows along with some of my development philosophies.

Additionally, enhancements were made to include better social media marketing and integration for the products listed on the site. Using a third party e-commerce solution grants small businesses the opportunity to focus on what is most important, their products.